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Top practice tips to use when putting

Disc golf like most sports, consists of routines and developing the correct mental state when practicing/playing.  This is especially important in your putt and approach game and can mean the difference between banging those chains and dumping one next to the basket.

How do you go about doing that?  Glad you asked!  Here are some great tips on how to enhance your putting game.

Great putting is the fastest way to lower your score on the course.  This is a pretty big reason to pay special attention to your putting and approach game.

Consistent putting consists of using the same placement of your feet, creating balance, and using the same exact throwing motion every time.  Make your throwing motion a habit.  Keeping the same motion will develop muscle memory.  You could think of this the same as a basketball player shooting a free throw.  The more consistent and precise the motion of  the shot is, the more baskets they tend to convert on.  While we are focused on hitting those chains, the concept is one in the same.

Like most things, practice makes perfect.  When practicing create several distances as reference points.  Start from the shortest distance.  You will see short putts come up in your game more than any other throw you have to make in the span of a game.  Now you need to know what the shortest distance is for you to have a high conversion rate. If your just started playing, don’t be embarrassed to stand 6 feet away from the basket until you can’t miss.  It’s better to start too close then too far away.  A good reference for this distance would  be a spot where you can throw 25 times and make 20 baskets consistently.


Practice all possible putting scenarios. The following bullet points are some good real game scenarios to practice from.

  • Head wind or cross wind
  • Uphill or downhill
  • Linear and straddle stance

Become a multi-dimensional putter by placing yourself in almost any situation you may come across on the course.  If you find an area of weakness, work that much harder in that area.  Pretty simple right?  Well….this all takes discipline one the individuals part.  The harder you work the better the results will be!

Don’t spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to develop the ‘perfect’ form.  If you find something that works for you, stick to it and make it habit.

Try to make your practices fun.  There are putting games you can incorporate into your practice and you can even make up your own.  This creates some real game time pressure as well as locking you into a competitive mindset.

I would recommend you only practice for 30 minutes per session.  Spending too much time at once can lead to bad habits and execution.  Try to remain focused for a solid 30 minutes per session and come back to it later in the day or even another day.

To recap a bit, here are the top 3 tips to use when you practice putting.

  • Practice daily
  • Build confidence in your putt
  • Play putting games
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3 simple techniques for getting farther distance on drives

Are you looking to get some insane distance on your drives?

Of course you are!  Pro-disc golfer Jeremy Koling explains in this video some simple techniques he uses to get the most out of his drives.

These 3 techniques will incorporate backhand, side-arm, and forehand approaches. He’s even gonna explain how grip, feet placement, and your hips affect your shot.

The last grip will even give you an angle on how to get over obstacles using his hook-thumb grip.